Monday, February 4, 2013

Zoya "Color Your World" Promo Haul

Hey guys! Recently Zoya had a fabulous promotional sale, 3 polishes free with a $10 s&h charge. Heck yeah! If you are familiar with my blog, you know I am all sorts of fangirl crazy for Zoya, so I took this opportunity to snatch up a few polishes on my wish list.
Zoya - Willow
Willow is a muted coral with a hidden silver shimmer. I have found my perfect coral! Shoulda known it would be a Zoya! I love everything about this color. The shimmer is very hidden, all it really does is add depth. Formula was a little tricky, tho. First coat was streaky, and I needed a thicker second coat to even it out. If you apply thinner coats, you will probably need three. Dry time was average for Zoya. Nice glossy top coat to finish it off.

Zoya - Tracie
Tracie is a pea green with a silver frosted finish. I love green polish, especially a fresh bright green like this one. The frosted finish does have a tendency to leave brush strokes, so use a gentle hand. The formula was a little thin, but covered nicely with just 2 coats. Average dry time.


Zoya - Zuza
Zuza is a lovely aqua color with a chunky shimmer, almost foil, finish. I have been lemming this polish ever since it came out last summer. It's gorgeous, shimmery, and totally reminds me of the Caribbean ocean. Sadly, the formula was terrible. It was streaky, it dragged, bubbled, and refused to dry. I tried to get a successful application, but gave up after the third time. Boo. I think this may be the first Zoya I have with a disappointing result, so that is saying something!

Love me some Zoya! Love the promos, too!

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