Saturday, February 16, 2013

Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 - Pucker Up & Maneki Neko

Hellooooo all! I am so excited for today's post, because I have new Takko Lacquer polishes! As you may know, I am a rabid fangirl of Takko Lacquer and the creator, Sheryl. With each collection, I am completely astounded at the interesting and creative looks she comes up with. There is no other brand, Indie or mainstream, with this level of creativity. Thankfully, this time I didn't miss out on the takkitos I wanted, but man, they all sold so fast!

Takko Lacquer - Pucker Up

Pucker Up is a bright orange/pink coral jelly with a chunky gold a fuchsia shimmer. Hello new favorite Takko! I am so in love with this polish, I may need a back up. It's the perfect color for spring  and summer. Formula is a bit sheer, and I needed 3 coats for full coverage, but the polish dries rather quickly, and wasn't problematic at all.


Takko Lacquer - Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is a full coverage green glitter with gold, silver and holo glitters scattered throughout creating an incredible sparkly polish. Glitter is new territory for Takko, but Sheryl mixed one hell of a glitter bomb! It applies wonderfully, absolutely no dragging or clumping at all. Dries quickly, doesn't eat top coat and removes just as easily as the application. No foil or glue coat needed for this baby! 2 easy coats, followed by 1 coat of your favorite topper. (I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast, fyi.)


Old Vs. New Takko brush

On a side note, the brushes on the bottles are a tiny bit wider than the older polishes. I am usually not a fan of wider brushes, but the new one is just wide enough with out causing application issues. Nice quality too, stiff and smooth.
If you haven't snagged a Takko  yet, you really need to! They blow every other Indie out of the water (that I have tried, at least) and even some main stream brands. I promise, you won't be sorry!
Takko Lacquer is available on line vie Etsy. They retail between $9 - $15. Restock is every Friday, 1pm EST.

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