Sunday, February 3, 2013

Julep Jane

Good morning my dears! I have my Julep add on for February's box, today; the LE glitter named after the CEO, Jane. Technically this isn't part of the February theme and was the first polish released for 2013. I had some extra points saved up and decided to add it to my box.

So far, my experience with the Maven program has been hit and miss. Sometimes, I am over the moon for the polish I get; other times, the whole event is a bit underwhelming. With this polish, I was completely blown away. It is amazing.

Julep - Jane
Jane is a multi-faceted rosy/copper/gold glitter bomb that is as shiny and reflective as a new penny. I don't have any other polish that is as reflective as this. As bright as it is in the pics, it is so much more in person. Sigh. Texturally, it reminds me of the liquid sand polishes as of late, minus the matte. This is two coats of Gelous and one butter London P.D. Quick and I still have a bit of a gritty feeling. It is surprisingly smooth to apply and dries very quickly. 2 coats and it fully covers the nail. I tell you, I am in love, and I guarantee this one will make a reappearance in my top 10 for this year.

It is still available on the Julep website, so if you are a Maven, get it soon before it sells out! If not, you can sign up, here!

On a side note, I had a disastrous mishap with my camera a little more than a week ago ending with a purchase of a new camera. I got the package Friday and have since spent plenty of time playing around with the settings and different lighting. So forgive me if the next few posts are a bit inconsistent, as I am trying to find the best possible configurations!

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