Monday, January 25, 2016

Takko Lacquer Valentine's Day 2016 Collection

Hey y'all! It may be Monday, but I have a gorgeous post for you guys to make it a little less awful. Tonight, Takko Lacquer launches the best Valentine's Day collection I have ever seen. Not to mention, the Winter and Fall collections will be restocked as well! Best polish day ever you guys!

So I'm not gonna talk your ears off with this. There's no point in small talk when you have stunning polish to drool over!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Takko Lacquer Hug Life, Sweet Cheeks, Mad Love, Salient

Takko Lacquer Hug Life

Hug Life is a cobalt blue jelly with pink shimmer and holo flakies. HI NEW FAVORITE. I'm sure I say that at least every collection, but what evs. This is such a cool, unique polish that lives up to the Takko name. Super easy application with two shimmery coats. Love it you guys.


Takko Lacquer Sweet Cheeks (thermal)

Sweet Cheeks is a warm pink-to nude cream thermal. I love thermals, but I've never worn a cream thermal before this. Instant gradient perfection. And The pink to nude is so pretty. It applied smoothly with two coats for full coverage. A note about thermals: the color change effect will hold as long as you store the bottles out of direct lighting (helmer or something similar is ideal) and keep the temp below 75*. I have thermals going on two years now that still change color because I store them like this. Now that is not a guarantee, but it will help.

(warm state) 

(cold state)



Takko Lacquer Mad Love over Sweet Cheeks

Mad Love is a mix of tiny gold, white and pink glitters with gold shimmer in a milky white base. You can wear this alone, as it is buildable, but I really wanted to see what it looked like as a topper over Sweet Cheeks. They are so cute together and remind me of Sakura blossoms. This is one flawless coat over Sweet Cheeks. 


Takko Lacquer Salient over McTakko (winter 2015 collection)

Salient is a mix of silver flakies and silver shimmer in a clear base. Now this topper is flat out gorgeous. It feels elegant and tasteful. I layered it over McTakko from the Winter collection and I have to say they are a perfect pair! And Sheryl designed Salient to be her very own wedding polish! How awesome is that? This is one easy coat over McTakko. It dries a bit dull, so be sure to topcoat so you get all the shiny effect of the silver flakies.


Set those alarms friends, because this collection and the previous Winter and Fall collections will be available tonight at 8pm EST. Good luck!!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

The Takko Lacquer Valentine's Day collection is available on line. Products retail for $12 a piece.


  1. Some really great colors for Valentine's Day. I love the last two glittery colors a ton.

  2. Beautiful work with nail paint, I would also like to learn to do nail art. Can you share tutorial on how to do it? Looking forward to hear from you on this

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