Saturday, January 23, 2016

Takko Lacquer Winter 2015 Collection

Hey friends! Today, I have swatches of the Takko Lacquer Winter collection that is scheduled to be restocked on Monday the 25th along with a special 4 piece Valentine's Day collection (those swatches will be posted Monday morning).

In case you missed the Winter launch last time around, you will have another chance to grab five out of the six polishes originally released before the holidays. Ugly Christmas Sweater is sadly going into hibernation until the next holiday season. But that's okay, because the other five are gorgeous!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Takko Lacquer McTakko (McPolish x Takko collab), Black Creek (McPolish x Takko collab), Sweetpea (25_sweetpea x Takko collab), Daydreaming, & Ocean Glitter (25_sweetpea x Takko collab)

Takko Lacquer McTakko 

McTakko is a whisper pink, almost white polish with teal green shimmer. This is one of the two shades made in collaboration with Amy (@mcpolish on IG) from Polish, Etc. It is phenomenal and my favorite out of the bunch. It is so delicate and feminine, yet it retains that unique edge to it. That shimmer is killer! The formula is good, a bit streaky on the first coat. I used two thicker coats for full opacity. If you paint with thinner coats, you may need a third. And of course, be sure to top it off with a glossy topcoat to bring out the shimmery goodness!


Takko Lacquer Black Creek

Black Creek is a  matte deep taupe grey with gold and pink shimmer. This is the second shade made in collaboration with Amy (@mcpolish on IG) from Polish, Etc. Despite the textured appearance, this matte dries down to a silky smooth finish. I have never worn a matte that applied so nicely as this one! Every other matte I have used is a pain to apply and paints streaky or lumpy. This was smooth as butter. I used two coats. And if you want to use a top coat, you can, but not required. it is beautiful either way!

(Macro with glossy top coat)

Takko Lacquer Ocean Glitter

Ocean Glitter is a mix of bright blue micro glitters, holo flakies (!!!) and a scattered holo shimmer in a clear base. This is one of the two shades made in collaboration with Sarah (@25_sweetpea on IG) from 25 Sweet Peas. I loooove the holo flakies in this! They make the polish SO sparkly. Formula was super smooth and applied easily. I did need 3 coats for full coverage, but since the application was so easy, I didn't have any trouble with the third coat.


Takko Lacquer Sweetpea

Sweetpea is a shimmery metallic pink with subtle linear holo and a magenta flash. This is the second shade made in collaboration with Sarah (@25_sweetpea on IG) from 25 Sweet Peas. If you are a pink lover, this is the ultimate sparkly girly pink! The magenta flash is so hard to capture on camera, but so so pretty in person. This is two coats with a smooth application. It does dry down a bit dull, so be sure to top coat it for all that shimmery goodness!


Takko Lacquer Daydreaming

Daydreaming is a light periwinkle with green shimmer. Think of it as a cousin to Curiouser & Curiouser - they both have that amazing green shimmer. Ugh. Out of all of them, this one is the thickest and I did need to add a few drops of thinner to my bottle for a smooth application. I ended up doing three coats because I had some patchy spots around the cuticle area on my nails, but that shimmer is worth it! Depending on how you paint, you may need a third as well. And seal it all in with a shiny top coat!


This was such a fun collection to swatch! I loved seeing the beautiful creations that Amy, Sarah and Sheryl made together. Each one is so different than the normal Takkitos! It is definitely cool seeing Amy and Sarah's personality peak through.

These five will be available Monday, January 25th at 8pm EST along with a restock of the Fall 2015 collection and the Valentine's Day collection launch. There will be a LOT to choose from and tell your wallet that I said it will all be okay!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

The Takko Lacquer Winter 2015 collection is available on line. Products retail for $12 a piece.


  1. They all look really nice. I can't choose a favorite among them too.

  2. They all look great! Lovely swatches!

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