Monday, January 4, 2016

ILNP Juliette

Hi friends! My first post of 2016! What a crazy thought. I have been doing this whole blog thing for quite a number of years (to do a blog about nail polish that is). Although it is evolving, I still love this little space, and I love sharing beautiful polish just as much - I'm just too busy to commit to super frequent posts.

I still plan to share swatches and nail art, so never fear! Like today I have a seriously drool worthy polish that I wore for NYE - ILNP Juliette.

Please Note: Products shown were purchased for my personal use.

ILNP Juliette

Juliette is a rosey copper metallic flakie with a scattering of holographic flakies thrown in for maximum sparkle. This is one of the new Ultra Metallics from ILNP and holy shit is is the most sparkliest thing I have ever worn. No lie. And it was a dream to apply. This is two super smooth coats. No dragging, no clumping, no thick goopy mess. Just pure polish perfection. And it is hella shiny on its own, but I always add a top coat when ever I polish.


I am all over these metallic flakies that a lot of Indies are playing with. Much like the Ultra Chrome flakies of last year, these show such promise that I am already crying at the thought of how empty my wallet is gonna be!

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

ILNP Juliette is available on line. Products retail between $10 & $12.50 a piece.


  1. This gorgeous! Its not something I own in my collection I think too.

  2. Ooooh very pretty! Very festive, also!


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