Monday, September 30, 2013

Zoya Fall Pixie Dust Collection Carter And Tomoko

Hey guys and gals! Happy Monday afternoon! Hope you all had a fun weekend! We have gotten a ton of rain over the past few days, which kinda ruined our weekend plans, but made the weather nice and cool! Yay Fall! I am slowly getting in the mood for fall colors, and after my recent Pixie Dust purchase, I am feeling a bit more festive!
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.
Zoya Pixie Dust Carter
Zoya Pixie Dust - Carter
Carter is a deep royal purple with a matte textured finish. I think this may replace Destiny as my all time favorite Pixie Dust shade! It. Is. AMAZING. If Zoya ever made a teal pixie, I would straight up die. For real. As with all pixies, it is way more sparkly in person. I don't think cameras quite know what to do with all the sparkle goodness. Formula wise, this was the first time I had issues. The first coat, all the little texture bits wouldn't stay put and it was very patchy. I applied a thicker second coat to cover the bald spots, but still had some dragging. But who cares when you have magic on your finger tips, right?
Zoya Pixie Dust Carter

Zoya Pixie Dust Carter

Zoya Pixie Dust Tomoko
Zoya Pixie Dust - Tomoko
Tomoko is a pale silvery gold matte texture shade. Zoya describes it as "Champagne Gold" which is pretty accurate. I really love these kinds of colors, they are so elegant looking. In person, it is incredibly sparkly, almost like diamond dust. It also has a lot more silver tones to it than pictures show. I think this is probably the most versatile out of the entire Pixie Dust line. If you have been holding off getting a bottle, try this one and I'm sure you'll love it. Formula was much better than Carter, along the same consistency as the rest of the Pixies. Though a bit sheer, and I used three coats for full opacity. Also, I can see this being a perfect color for Holiday occasions!
Zoya Pixie Dust Tomoko

Zoya Pixie Dust Tomoko

I am loving the Pixie Dust polishes so hard, and I hope Zoya keeps cranking out beautiful colors. But seriously, Zoya, I need a teal. See if you can make it happen for spring. Kthanks.
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Zoya Pixie Dust is available on line. Pixie Dust polishes retail for $9 a piece.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pipe Dream Polish Time In A Tapestry

 Hey guys! Look another post! I am slowly getting back on track and hopefully soon will be able to post almost daily! Today, I have a swatch from one of my favorite Indie polish brands, Pipedream Polish. I did a review a few months back on three of April's first creations. Since then, she has grown her inventory and offers some of the most unique, and insanely gorgeous polishes you will find in the indie market. I'm serious when I say that I have an enormous wish list, and need a money tree because I want to BUY ALL THE POLISHES!!!!! This is from her fall collection, Like The Weather. And it is one hell of a collection. You will be needing a money tree as well.

Please Note: Products were provided at a discount by the company/creator for review purposes

pipedream polish time is a tapestry
Pipedream Polish - Time In A Tapestry
Time Is a Tapestry is a teal crelly (cream/jelly) hybrid filled with gold and brown hex glitters as well as iridescent shimmer. It is stunning, folks! Definitely worthy of my top ten list for the year. The gold glitters are incredibly shiny, and the addition of the brown glitters just put me over the top. Unique, lovely and my kind of fall color! As with all Pipedream Polish, this is perfect consistency and application. Despite being loaded with glitter, it applies smoothly with no dragging or clumping. No need to dab, as the glitter covers with perfection. 2 coats for full opacity, and the base is just sheer enough to give the glitter a floating effect. As my dear friend Casey said, "Jelly sandwich in a bottle!"
pipedream polish time is a tapestry

pipedream polish time is a tapestry

pipedream polish time is a tapestry
Bottle Macro

Not only are the polishes amazing, but so is April, the creator. She is very active in the IG nail community, and has quite the fan base, myself included. I think it makes all the difference when a creator shows a little bit of their self to the world. It gives us, as customers and fans, a unique perspective.

Please Note: Products were provided at a discount by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Pipedream Polish is available online via Etsy. Products retail $8.25 a piece.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bliss Polish Behind Closed Doors

Hello lovely readers! One of these days, I will get back to a regular blogging schedule. I am not liking this business of posting once a week. Today, I have more swatches from Bliss Polish for you guys! The newest collection - Behind Closed Doors - features five (plus a bonus grey shade if you buy the full set) dark, vampy shades with a suede finish. As the collection name hints at, these beauties have a bit of a naughty side!
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes.
All of the polishes have the same formula and application, so I will go over that before hand. Like I previously mentioned, these are a suede finish, which means they dry matte. They all contain holo micro glitter as well. With the matte finish, the glitter does create a textured look. Each polish applies super smooth and needs two coats for full opacity.


 Bliss Polish - Bite
Bite is a deep cranberry red. If you know my blog, you know that I am no red lover. This, however is gorgeous. It is deep and sexy and so not what I typically wear, but I am in love! Definitely my favorite from the set.

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Spank
Spank is a creamy nude. It has a golden shimmer that really stands out with a top coat added. Also a favorite of mine!

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Lick
Lick is a rich sapphire blue. If you are a blue lover, this is one you need in your stash. It is really beautiful!

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Tease
Tease is a dark forest green. Again, another gorgeous color! This is the only one out of the batch that has no shimmer. It is also a bit darker in person.

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Please
Please is a deep eggplant purple. Another fav and such a stunning color!

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)

Bliss Polish - Cuffed (Bonus Shade)
Cuffed is a light grey polish, and is a free bonus when you purchase the entire Behind Closed Doors set. As with Bite, I am really loving this polish. It is so soft and delicate.

Top Coat (Glossy Glam)
The whole collection is fantastic and perfect for fall! I prefer them with a top coat, as opposed to the suede finish, because the holo and shimmer stand out so much more with a good shiny top coat. My picks are Bite, Spank and Please. But I think they are all worth getting, especially since you get Cuffed when you do!
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Bliss Polish is available online and retails for $8 a piece. The Behind Closed Doors  collection is available for pre-order September 23rd.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Me.Lissa Lacquer

Hey guys! Sorry for the unintended absence! My kiddo got super sick over the weekend and I was on Mom duty for a few days. But I am still here and I have a fun review to share!
Me.Lissa Lacquer is an Indie polish that has a lot of really great glitter bombs - which I received six of and will be reviewing for you lovelies today! Four from the Beach Boardwalk collection and two from the Social Media collection.
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes.
Me.Lissa Lacquer On The Carousel
Me.Lissa Lacquer - On The Carousel (Beach Boardwalk) over Julep - Lexi
On The Carousel is a neon glitter topper with a rainbow of neon glitters in various shapes and sizes. How awesome is this? Super fun and I love it over yellow! Totally bright and crazy! I got lots of compliments when I wore this after swatching. I left it on all day because it made me so happy to look it. Formula was a little on the thicker side since it is a glitter suspension base. I had to use the dab/spread method for application. But it is loaded with glitter, and this is only one coat!

Me.Lissa Lacquer Seaside Aquarium
Me.Lissa Lacquer - Seaside Aquarium (Beach Boardwalk) over Color Club - Wild Cactus
Seaside Aquarium is a neon glitter topper with a rainbow of neon glitters in various shapes and sizes. Mostly smaller pieces with a few larger hexes thrown in for contrast. The smaller pieces are predominantly square, again adding to the visual contrast. I love how this isn't your typical neon glitter. There is a lot going on! Same consistency as before, using the dab/spread method. I used one and a half coats for this, filling in any empty spaces on the second go.

Me.Lissa Lacquer Top Of The Ferris Wheel
Me.Lissa Lacquer - Top Of The Ferris Wheel (Beach Boardwalk) over Revlon - Urban
Top Of The Ferris Wheel is a glitter topper with red. blue. yellow and silver glitters in various shapes and sizes. OMG look at the giant circle glitters! I may have let out an "Ooooh" when I unwrapped this one from the package. It is an easy favorite from the collection, and over a darker base it totally looks like Ferris Wheel lights! Again, it had the same thicker base, but if it is an issue, a little bit of thinner works wonders! I did one dab/spread coat and had to fish for the bigger circle pieces, but oh so worth it. It is amazing!

Me.Lissa Lacquer Bike Rental
Me.Lissa Lacquer - Bike Rental (Beach Boardwalk) over China Glaze - Tart-y For The Party
Bike Rental is a neon glitter topper with blue holo square and bar glitters, red, yellow, black and grey circle glitters, as well as neon glitters in various shapes and sizes. There is a lot going on in the bottle! But it works so well together. I love the contrast of the circle glitters against the neons and the surprise squares! I also really don't mind the bars, because I think they go well, and there isn't a whole lot of them. I know I am sounding, repetitive, but same consistency and dab/spread application, as well as having to fish for those dang circles!

Me.Lissa Lacquer Internet Stardom
Me.Lissa Lacquer - Internet Stardom (Social Media) over O.P.I. - My Vampire Is Buff
Internet Stardom is a glitter topper with teal and orange hex glitters, gold holo micro glitter, and gold and white star glitters. I really like this one a lot. The color combos are great and the stars!!! So awesome. I don't think I picked a good base to layer it over, tho. Something darker would have made the stars really pop. Same as the others, dab/spread & fish. You get the idea! Although it's not intended, I think this would be a great fall glitter. The colors are totally seasonal!

Me.Lissa Lacquer QR Code
Me.Lissa Lacquer - QR Code (Social Media) over Wet n Wild - Teal Slowly And See
QR Code is a black and white glitter topper with square, rectangle, micro hex, and micro bar glitters. The shapes really capture the feel of a QR Code so perfectly. If you are a fan of black and white glitter, then this is a definite requirement! I did have a bit more issue with this one than the others, however. It seemed thicker, even with thinner added, and spreading out the glitters was a bit more challenging. Nice payoff, tho. I really dig the squares and rectangles! Oh, and your eyes are not crazy, I had a pretty bad break on my ring finger (trying to wrangle my dog) and had to nubbinize my nails. Oh so sad! But they grow out rather quickly.
You should definitely check out Me.Lissa Laquer for some awesome toppers. I am in love with the neons and Top Of The Ferris Wheel is a must have!
Please Note: Products shown were sent to me by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Me.Lissa Lacquer is available on line via Etsy. Products retail for $8.50 for full size and $4.50 for mini bottles.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Julep September Box - BoHo Glam

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a good week so far! Today, I have the Julep September box, which I actually intended to skip (and I thought I did) until I saw the charge on my bank statement. Oops! Well, thankfully, I forgot because I love what I got.

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use.

Julep - Kristy
Kristy is a deep navy blue almost black, cream. I'm not typically a fan of these darker blackened colors, they tend to wash me out something bad. I'm just too pale, I guess! Other than that, it is super glossy and has a nice thick formula. I used one coat for the swatch and it completely covered.

Julep - Tatiana
Tatiana is a golden orange full coverage glass fleck glitter. Now this is an amazing color! Holy crap I frickin love it! If all the fall colors were this amazing, I would have no problem transitioning. Since it is a glass fleck glitter, it applies super smooth, this is two sparkly coats.
And naturally, I had to use the two together. Blue and Orange are a favorite color combo of mine, so I was sure these would look amazing together. Yay fall glitter gradient! This definitely puts me in the mood for some fall colors!
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
If you are interested in signing up for your own Maven box, click here. Don't forget to use the code "FREEBOX" to get your first box for free

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Trianlge Accents

Hey y'all!

Zoya - Wednesday
(Accent nails)
O.P.I. - My Vampire Is Buff
Zoya - Wednesday
Essie - Naughty Nautical
Essie - Good As Gold
Nail Art Brush
I am really loving geometric designs lately. Triangles have been something I've wanted to try for a while now and I may be addicted now!

What do you think of the geometric craze? Love it or hate it?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bondi NY Swatch Spam

Hey guys and gals! Super late post up today, sorry about that! Apparently, I didn't schedule this one when I wrote it up. Oops!

Anyway, I have some lovely swatches of several polishes from Bondi NY. These are all from their new subscription box service (which is awesome, you should totally sign up!) and I just never got around to posting them until now.

Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. 

Bondi NY - Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is a lovely lavender cream. These types of purple are always a favorite of mine, and this one did not disappoint. Super creamy formula, and buttery smooth application. This is one easy coat. 

Bondi NY - Teal Magnolia

Teal Magnolia is a bright green leaning teal cream. Again, gorgeous color and perfect formula. Bondi NY really does know how to make an amazing cream polish! One easy smooth coat. This one is a stainer, so go with a good base coat.

Bondi NY - Horny Mistress

Horny Mistress is a cool toned red cream. For a red, this is actually really pretty! You know my relationship with red polishes. But I am glad to have a good solid red in my stash now! Hate the name, tho, sounds like something out of a bad porno flick! Dreadful name aside, it has the same creamy smooth formula. This is also a one coater!

Bondi NY - Botanical Beauty

Botanical Beauty is a petal pink cream with purple undertones. Another color that I wouldn't normally get for myself, but if you like these types of pinks, it is a good one to have. Again, same smooth formula and flawless application. Also a one coater, which I was pleasantly surprised since it is a lighter shade. 

Bondi NY - The Limelight

The Limelight is a bright lime green cream with a touch of jelly squishiness. This is the only one that needed a second coat, and that is pretty impressive! Normally, I can't wear these types of greens due to the dreaded lobster hands, but this one isn't so bad. Same smooth formula and application, just a tad sheer on the first coat and needs a thin second one to cover any VNL. 

Bondi NY - Starry Night
Starry Night is a deep blue with a silvery shimmer in a blackened base. Not my favorite in terms of color, but the shimmer is super pretty! Another one coater with a great formula. 
For all the swatches, I used the Bondi NY base/top coat I'm Vers. I love it as a base, it blocks stains and helps keep polish from chipping. As a top coat, not so much. It is super shiny, but takes a long time to dry. On a side note, I have found that Glossy Glam does not play well with Bondi NY. I have had pretty crazy shrinkage when I use them together. Boo.

If you are interested in a subscription box, this is a good option. Three full size polishes for $20, plus a beauty extra. Mine included a lip balm and some skin care samples. Nothing amazing, but it was the first box and I'm sure things will improve overtime. 
Please Note: Products shown were purchased by me for my personal use. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Bondi NY is available on line. Products retail for $12.50 a piece and ship International!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rainbow Tribal (sort of) and Austin Pride 2013

Hey y'all! Today is Pride Fest, here in town, and like last year, I did a little nail art to commemorate. I won't go into a whole long speech about LGBT rights or anything like that, because this is a nail blog, not a political blog. But I do consider myself to be a part of the LGBT community (if you really want to know all about it, you can read my post here) and if I can't go out to the parade, then I'll be sporting rainbows for sure!
China Glaze - Glistening Snow
Bondi NY - Horny Mistress
Wet N Wild - The Clock Strikes Orange (Pop Art Craze)
Julep - Lexie
Revlon - Posh
China Glaze - Sunday Funday
Bondi NY - Uptown Girl
Nail Art brush
I'm not too sure about the outcome. In all honesty, this is my fifth attempt. Every time I tried to do a design, I ended up not liking it at all. This one was way better in my head, but I was done trying and my cuticles couldn't take anymore acetone!
Oh well, at least they are rainbow!

Happy Pride, Austin! I love you and am so proud to be part of an amazing city!
Due to the nature of this post, I will ban any commenters participating in hate speech. You are entitled to your opinion, but do not even think about sharing it here. Thank you.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Studded Roses

Hey y'all! Hope you all are having a great week! My apologies for the lack of posts, I have been so busy getting my kiddo ready for school that I haven't had a lot of extra time. But now that she is gone most of the day, I will be able to play more often!

Today, I have another mani inspired by Marta of Chit Chat Nails. She is a master at skittle manis and I find myself looking to her blog more and more for inspiration. You should really check it out, if you haven't yet!


Julep - Julianne
Essence - Modern Romance
China Glaze - Mimosa's Before Mani's

Born Pretty Square Studs

Nail art brushes
Dotting tools

I love the vintage feel this has. Normally, I can't wear blues like this, gives me lobster hands. But I do so love the dusty blue/greys so much! The roses give it just enough warmth to even out with my skin. And of course the studs, cause studs make everything better!

Hope you all have a great day!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bliss Polish Breaking Bad Collection

Hello lovelies! Happy Monday, and Happy Labor Day to my American pals! Since my husband works today, we spent yesterday with my mother-in-law and her partner, swimming, relaxing, drinking a few beers and nomming on tacos (Portobello for me). Pretty much the best way to spend a weekend/holiday, IMO.

Today, I have a collection from a brand new Indie polish to share, consisting of three milky glitters and two creams with holo shimmer! Even better, it is inspired by the most awesome Breaking Bad.

Please Note: Products shown were provided to me by the company for review purposes.

Bliss Polish - Crystal Blue Persuasion
Crystal Blue Persuasion is a baby blue crelly (cream/jelly hybrid) with metallic blue and silver holo hex glitter and holo micro glitter shimmer. It's so pretty, I love this blue! It looks so squishy, and the glitter looks like it's floating. Perfect jelly sandwich! Nice thick formula, and 2 coats for full opacity, which is awesome for a lighter shade crelly. Application was a breeze, no need for fishing for the glitter. Topped with Glossy Glam to finish.

Bliss Polish - Chemistry
Chemistry is a grassy green with a holo micro shimmer. Best green ever! Definitely an easy favorite. The shimmer adds an extra bonus, little twinkling rainbows in different lighting. Super smooth formula and application, 2 coats, no issues.

Bliss Polish - Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman is a soft pink crelly with metallic pink and silver holo hex glitters and micro holo shimmer. So gorgeous and delicate. The shimmer really stands out in this color, I love it! Formula was the same consistency, but a tad bit more sheer, needing 3 coats. The glitter was a little harder to get, but that actually worked out to be the best, since I needed the extra coat.


Bliss Polish - Cooking
Cooking is a sunflower yellow with a micro holo shimmer. I love yellow, and this one does not disappoint! No streaking at all! So hard to find a yellow that doesn't take a million coats to cover. This was 2 easy coats, wonderfully smooth.


Bliss Polish - Mr. White over O.P.I. - MBSW
Mr. White is a white crelly with grey, white and silver holo hex glitters and micro holo shimmer. I had to layer it over MBSW for the photos, but it reaches full opacity on it's own. My camera kinda freaks out over solid white polishes, and wasn't able to pick up the glitters at all when I swatched it by itself. The glitter is deceptively interesting. The grey and white glitters create such depth and the holo glitter and shimmer shines over the white base. Sadly, my camera refused to get that little detail. But it's so pretty in person! Formula and application was identical to Jesse Pinkman, 3 thinner coats for full coverage.

The whole collection fits so well with the show, my favorite is definitely Chemistry. If you purchase the entire set, you will receive a limited edition black/holo glitter called Bad Bliss as an extra bonus!
Please Note: Products shown were provided to me by the company for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.
Bliss Polish is available online and retails for $8 a piece. The Breaking Bad collection launches September 6th.
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