Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection: Part One

Good morning, lovelies!

Let me start by saying, I am a huge Zoya fan girl, and I pretty much get all giddy when they release a new collection. When I first spied the promo pics for the winter 2012 collection a.k.a. Zoya Ornate, I almost died from bliss. Not only did it contain a couple of foils (which Zoya is the foil master), but ::gasp:: holos, too!?!?! I had such high hopes for the holo finishes & they did not disappoint! Usually, I get a huge let down with a scattered holo polish, because most of the time, they are really gritty & adding a top coat kills the holo effect. But I knew, that if anybody was going to win me over, it would be Zoya.

The whole collection, overall, is nothing short of amazing, & I may have went a little bananas with swatch pics. So, in order to prevent a huge photo heavy post, I decided to break the collection up into three posts, one for each finish (holo, foil & holo bar glitter).

First up is the Holo finish polishes, since I know this is what everyone wants to see! Formula wise, they are all pretty much the same, so I'll post that at the end.

Zoya - Aurora
Aurora is a rich plum purple cream/jelly hybrid (now known as a crelly) loaded with holographic flecks. The flecks lie flat to create a smooth surface, no gritty or bumpy texture. The holo effect is pure magic, almost linear in low lighting. I haven't had a chance to see in in sunlight, it has been cloudy & rainy all day.


Zoya - Blaze
Blaze is a deep cool toned cranberry red crelly. The holo effect isn't as strong as with Aurora, but it is still breathtaking. The red pigmentation brings out a unique twinkle, showing purple, red, pink and golden hues in the holo fleck. The depth is amazing and the overall look is very chic.


Zoya - Storm
Storm is a black crelly with holo fleck. Again the holo isn't as strong, or as dense as Aurora. Instead it has a chunkier feel and almost looks like stars. I would love to see this one used as a base for a galaxy nail!

Flawless formula for all three. I used 2 coats for all the swatches, and had no problem getting perfect coverage. I do apply my second coat a little thick out of habit, so it may be up to your individual application. Other bloggers have done well with three coats. They all dried very quickly and glassy smooth with a great shine. I love all three, but if I had to choose, my pick would be Aurora. It stands out as the most unique & a definite for any polish lover.
Check back tomorrow for the foils!
The Zoya Ornate Collection is available online.

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