Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Guest Post From Amy McG At Polish Etc.

Hey everyone! So I have one more guest post for today, and it is the awesome Amy McG, otherwise known as, McPolish! She is a super cool lady, and has some serious skills. So enjoy!


Hi Ladies! I had the wonderful opportunity to meet your fearless leader, Bridget, this past month while I was in Austin. She is a freaking sweetheart and we had tons of things in common (other than nail polish addiction!) So, I wanted to do something fun for Bridget when she was looking for guest bloggers. Since today is Mardi Gras…why not some Mardi Gras style nails?!?!

This nail art was simple but festive. I painted the alternating base colors on my nails without a guide. Since I was planning on covering up the middle line, I wasn’t too concerned about it being perfectly straight. Next, I used chevrons stickers from Nail Vinyls (http://nailvinyls.storenvy.com/ ) to block out the diamonds. Then I just added a few dots with a dotting tool. Easy…you can do it with any colors! And if you don’t have the nifty little nail vinyls, you can just use crafting scissors and tape. 

The polishes that I used for this look:
Finger Paints – First Edition (purple)
Revlon  – Posh (green)
Mentality Polish  – Dapper (gold)
Top coat – HK Girl 

Thanks for checking out my nail art! You can find me on my collab blog, www.PolishEtc.com and also on
Instagram, www.instagram.com/mcpolish

Happy Polishing!
Amy McG aka McPolish


Thank you so much Amy! I had such a great time meeting you and we will have to hang out a lot more next time! And as always, I love you nails!


  1. Yay! I'm so glad I could do a guest post for you!

  2. Great and colorful design, perfect for carneval too!

  3. These look great, I love the festive Mardi Gras look!

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