Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pretty Serious: They Came from Beyond Space (Pic Heavy)

Hey everyone! Today I have swatches from the newest (mini) collection from the awesome Aussie brand, Pretty Serious. A couple of weeks ago, I posted the press release for this collection & have been waiting for the bottles to arrive in my mail box since then. When they were delivered yesterday, I swatched them as soon as I got them, and all three are as gorgeous and as multichrome as the bottle shots.

Formula was identical on all three, so I'll go over that after all the pretty pictures.

Atomic Brain, Galaxy Invader, Phantom Planet

Pretty Serious - Atomic Brain
Atomic Brain is a vivid purple foil with a strong bronze/rose color shift. This was the first one I swatched (with some help of some twitter friends) & I instantly fell in love. Foils are my absolute fav finish & to have such a strong multichrome foil makes me weak in the knees.


Pretty Serious - Galaxy Invader
Galaxy Invader is a bright royal blue with a serious pink/purple/aqua color shift. This one was the strongest shift out of the three with the most color range and it was the hardest to capture on camera. It is so much more incredible in person.


Pretty Serious - Phantom Planet
Phantom Planet is a lime green foil with a more subdued blue/gold color shift. It is the weakest one out of the three, but still visible. It's actually my favorite!

This is my first experience with Pretty Serious, and I was incredibly pleased. Multichromes are very much sought after and this collection is a must for anyone who loves the color shifting polishes. Formula was perfect, smooth and flowy, not too thick and not too thin. I used two coats for all swatches, and had great coverage all on their own, no need for black undercoat with these lovelies. Dry time was a little longer, but they are foils, and foils tend to be slower than other finishes. Overall, they are great polishes and I can now add Pretty Serious to my list of favorite brands!
Pretty Serious polishes can be purchased on line, here. 10% off when you order all three!

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