Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge: Ghost & Catherine

Hello lovelies! Today is part two of my recent Rescue Beauty Lounge mini haul. Previously, I posted the gorgeous stormy Piu Mosso, that is now available for everyone to get on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website! Along with that, I got Ghost and Catherine.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Ghost
Ghost is a metallic antique bronze from the GOMM collection. It is flawless, perfect and omg I in love. When I first saw swatches of the GOMM collection, I knew I had to have at least one. I have a special love for the artist and inspiration behind the polishes and all of the colors speak to my artist heart (fun fact: I majored in fine arts in college and have had my fill of art history). Formula was simply perfection, one smooth and flowy coat. It does leave brush strokes as you apply, but they fade as the polish dries to a soft satin finish. I actually prefer it satin, and didn't use a top coat.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Catherine
Catherine is a smokey eggplant purple with a gunmetal shimmer and sparse flecks of fuchsia, blue, green and gold glitter, inspired by Henry VIII first wife, Catherine of Aragon. Despite it being very dark, it didn't wash my skin out! I think it looks very chic and refined, definitely fit for a queen. Formula was a bit thinner than I was expecting, but still applied wonderfully. I did need two coats for full coverage on this one. My favorite thing about Catherine is the pink and blue flash at different angles.

Rescue Beauty Lounge is available on line.

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