Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Rodarte NYFW Collaberation

Hey y'all! So jelly polishes are making a comeback in the nail world with OPI color paints, Essie color silks and the Sally Hansen x Rodarte NYFW trio. The cool thing about jelly polish is that you can do some really pretty "watercolor" looks with them!

I have the Rodarte trio for review today, and while the colors may seem a little unusual, they make for a really pretty, delicate mani!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes.

Sally Hansen CSM Rose Glass, Beige Glass & Gold Glass

Sally Hansen CSM Rose Glass

Rose Glass is a soft muted pink jelly. I looooove this color you guys! OMG the nude/pink trend right now is causing me serious flutters. I don't get it either. I love bright, vibrant colors, but there is a huge soft spot in my heart for the subdued shades like this. Oh and that squishy jelly finish! Surprisingly, the formula is really good. This is three med-thin coats. I did have to wait a while between each coat so I didn't get bubbles, but that is standard with jellies.

Sally Hansen CSM Beige Glass

Beige Glass is a warm nude brown jelly. The color reminds me of a latte. Yum! This one was a surprise favorite. I didn't think the color would be very flattering, but it is! Same formula as Rose Glass. Three med-thin coats with dry time in between.

Sally Hansen CSM Gold Glass

Gold Glass is a buttery yellow jelly. This is the one out of the trio that I wasn't really fond of. The color is just to hard for me to pull off, but if you love a good yellow jelly this might work for you! I did need four coats and I still had a little VNL but the formula was just as good as the other two.

I wanted to do a little watercolor nail art with the trio, because I really dig these colors together. Not what you'd usually expect in a fall collection, but with the muted color ways of this season, I think they are very on trend.


Sally Hansen CSM - Debut-tint
Sally Hansen CSM - Rose Glass
Sally Hansen CSM - Beige Glass
Sally Hansen CSM - Yellow Glass

I started with a thin layer of Debut-tint, a golden shimmer topper and let it completely dry. I took a ziplock bag (or if you have the new Ubermat) and painted squares of my fav top coat KBShimmer Clearly On Top to make decals. While the tc was still wet, I blobbed on each color of the trio and gently swirled them together. Not so much that I blended the colors, but just enough to kind of meld them together. There is a pic on my IG for reference. Once the squares were dry, I painted a layer of COT on each nail, pealed the decals off the bag and placed them gently onto the wet nail bed.

From there, I continued on as if they were typical decal strips, removing the excess with an orange stick, cleaning up the edges with acetone and a small brush and finally adding another layer of COT to seal it all together.

The finished look is quite subtle, but it captures that delicate watercolor look that I was going for. And I love it! I especially love the pops of bright yellow swirled through out the muted pink and brown.

I have yet to see these in stores, but if you do come across, definitely pick up Rose Glass. It is such a winner!

Please Note: Products shown were provided by the company/creator for review purposes. All opinions are my own. For more info, please read my disclaimer.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure products are available at most drug store locations. Products retail for $7.99 a piece.

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