Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Jewel Laquers Fall 2012 Collection - Parachute Purple & Violet Quartz

Sephora & Pantone Universe has teamed up again to release a Fall collection called "The Alchemy of Color"

"Fall under the spell of the Alchemy of Color Collection, an enchanting collaboration between Pantone Universe and Sephora that marries the hottest shades of the season with exclusive formulation and finish. The collection includes a kaleidoscope of colors and each of the multi-dimensional lacquers feature an innovative texture and futuristic finish, from metallic, to sparkle, iridescent, and never-seen-before metallic matte."

( website description)
The nail polish collection is called Jewel Laquers, taking inspiration from precious stones. Out of the collection, I purchased Parachute Purple & Violet Quartz.

Packing is a very pretty irridescent box

Parachute Purple - a blue toned purple with a turquoise shimmer

This particular shade was what drew me in to the collection. On the website, it was irridescent, shimmery & teased a very pretty duo chrome shift. Sadly, it didn't deliver. While the color is very nice, it dries a bit darker than the bottle & as a result, drowns out the lovely turquoise shimmer. A good shiny top coat does help, slightly.


No Shimmer : (

Violet Quartz - a deep burgundey red with brown undertones that shifts to bronze

This is an Amethyst, which is also known as Violet Quartz.

A bit more purple than the burgundy base the polish has.

It does have a bit of a purple flash to it, but honestly, not enough for me to think of the color Violet.

The bronze shift is really nice, if you can catch the right lighting. For me, it was only evident outside.

Formula on both was really good. They flowed smoothly from the brush, & full coverage in 2 coats. Good dry time as well.  Overall, a pretty big let down. I wanted so much more from these two colors, but they didn't deliver. They certainly don't live up to the description. Violet Quartz is a nice fall color on it's own & out of the two, I do prefer it over Parachute Purple.

Both polishes are available at Sephora.

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