Friday, December 7, 2012

A England Holy Grail (revamped) & Dragon

Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great day! I have the wonderful A England to share on the blog. A England is an independent brand from England created by the incredibly talented Adina & inspired by the rich history of the nation. I have been dying to try out A England polishes for quite a while now (I blame Kimber of Kimber's Lacquer Korner and all her gorgeous swatches) and finally broke down when Adina re-released Holy Grail.

A England - Holy Grail (revamped)
The new Holy Grail is an amazing antique gold foil. There is no picture out there that can do this polish justice. I have seen some stunning swatches, but the real thing is breathtaking. It is a cool toned gold with olive green undertones, and flecks of green and copper mixed through out. A England polishes are known for they're outstanding formulas & this did not disappoint! Perfection with every stroke. The only thing I have to compare is the Rescue Beauty formula, very similar in quality. 2 coats for full coverage, average dry time for a foil, which is on the longer side. I have quite a few gold foils & I think this one may be my favorite.


A England - Dragon
Dragon is a deep sage green with a subtle linear holo effect. Before I saw the new Holy Grail, this and Order of the Blue Garter were at the top of my A England wish list. I love how Dragon is so unique. a good green polish is hard to come by, but a dark green holo is even harder. Sadly, I think this one brings out the yellow tones in my skin. But that's not gonna stop me from wearing it! Formula was identical to Holy Grail, except I only needed one coat with Dragon & it dried lightning quick.

Natural Daylight
I am dying over these two, and will definitely be back for more. I think I just need to sell my soul to pay for polish!
A England is available on line.


  1. Two of my favorites! They look so pretty on you too :o)

    1. thank you! holy grail is def my current fav polish, for sure!

  2. A England's formula is just like none other that I've ever tried! and I wasn't too sure about Holy Grail but you are making me think twice about it! -_-


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