Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nail of the Day: Starfish and Snowflakes

Hey everyone! Just a quick little nail of the day post for you guys, today. When I originally ordered Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick, I came across this post from Victoria (a.k.a. Manicurator), I fell instantly in love the Indie glitter brand "I Love Nail Polish." Needless to say, I promptly ordered a bottle of Up To Snow Good to go along with Starfish Patrick.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick & I Love Nail Polish Up To Snow Good Jelly Sandwich
I decided to one up the copycat look & do a jelly sandwich, my first successful one at that. I started with a coat of SFP and applied a thin coat of UTSG. Next I added a coat of Gelous (which is awesome, btw), another thin coat of SFP, one more UTSG, mainly applying where there were bald spots, another coat of Gelous and two coats of Wicked Fast, allowing for dry time between each coat. Whew! This may be my fav mani to date. It is all around perfect.

Now this is just a little teaser and I plan on a full glorious write up of Up To Snow Good in a few days. I honestly couldn't wait to show you all the awesomeness of this glitter before I had proper time to sit down and review it. But here's a spoiler, it's pretty amazing!


  1. Gorgeous! The colors work so well together.

    1. Don't they?!? Wish I could take credit for the awesome combo!


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