Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Julep December Add Ons

Hey all! Yesterday I showed you the awesome goodies from my December Julep Maven BoHo Glam Box. Today, I have the only add on polish I picked, to share.

Julep - Julia
Julia is a sheer orchid purple loaded with gold, green, copper and pink flecks. Yay foils! I got this because the screen shot looked like a pretty shimmer, but I was pleasantly surprised that it is a foil! It is a really pretty combo, reminds me of Zoya Daul. I don't have it to compare, tho (I know, what's wrong with me?!?). Formula was really great, smooth, no drag. 2 coats, longer dry time. Not as bad as the Julep creams.

I am really liking the Julep polishes so far, especially this one. Definitely my fav so far!


  1. Pretty! I gotta get me a polish like this one. O:

    1. I know! You should! I'm 99% positive it's a dupe for Zoya Dahl (which is way cheaper).


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