Saturday, December 29, 2012

Layla Holographic Effect Coral Glam & Misty Blush

Hello lacquered lovelies! I am steadily getting through all the polish I have stockpiled that needs swatching. Today, I have two more Layla Holos I ordered from Haute Look a few weeks ago.
Layla Holographic Effect - 02 Coral Glam
Coral Glam is a blush color linear holo. As much as I love the silver holo, I love this one so much more. It suits my skin tone much better, and I feel like it's a bit more chic. The holo is just as strong, as well. Since I have increased my holo stash and plan on continuing to do so, I invested in an Aqua base. Specifically, the Nfu Oh aqua base (review to come soon). It completely changes the way holos apply. This is 2 easy coats over the aqua base!

Layla Holographic Effect - 15 Misty Blush
Misty Blush is a maroon colored linear holo. I had such high hopes for this one. The color is so unique, but the holo is slightly less dramatic than the other two I have. Still pretty, just not as "WOW" as I had hoped. 2 coats over the Nfu Oh aqua base again.

The Layla holos are so great, but I have a feeling that the China Glaze holos are gonna blow them away. Sadly, they look to be the same color palette though. Can't wait to see!


  1. Wow! I almost ordered Misty Blush (until I forgot to order any of them), and now I'm convinced I need it. The holo isn't that strong, but the color is perf. That exact shade of purple is my favorite color!

    1. lol, i would have gotten you that one, instead, if i had known that! it is an amazing shade of purple.

  2. Did you try the polish without the aqua bast coat? I've ordered misty blush but read that it can go horrible without the bas coat

    1. I did, actually. Forgot to use aqua base when I first swatches it. It's not too bad, a bit streaky, but nothing unmanageable. Just go slow and use very delicate strokes & you should be fine. Thanks for the question & hope I helped!


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