Friday, December 28, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic week. I am busy gearing up for New Year's and a road trip to El Paso a few days after that. I am trying to get posts scheduled for the days I will be gone, and I am swatching like mad. I did plan to wait to share this post, but it's just too good to pass up.
My wonderful Grandfather (who we are driving to see) gifted me a bit of cash for Christmas & I took the opportunity to purchase a few more Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes. The top of my list was another BIB4 beauty, Starfish Patrick. I have mentioned before that I am on a quest to find the perfect coral polish. I had to give this squishy jelly a try.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Starfish Patrick
Starfish Patrick is a peachy coral jelly, perfect for spring/summer. It's bright and fresh, simple and clean. I really think that is the mastery of RBL, the color creation. I simply can't get over how unique each one is. Starfish Patrick is a true jelly, very sheer and a bit longer on dry time. I used 2 coats and had a slight VNL (visible nail line), definitely could have used a third coat, but I was impatient.

Although it hasn't satisfied my desire for a perfect coral, I still love the color. I will be wearing this a lot this summer, for sure.

Available online, at Rescue Beauty Lounge.

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